Why Lenovo

Lenovo customers reported average repair rates for workstation PCs below both the industry and competitor averages across the first three years of the PC’s lifecycle. TBR Survey PC Reliability Study Workstation Overview 2019

  • Repair rates: Below competitor average all three years.
  • Satisfaction with quality and reliability: 88% are satisfied with Lenovo; only 3% are dissatisfied.
  • Reliability perception vs that of other vendors: 74% think Lenovo is at least somewhat more reliable than other vendors.
  • Likelihood to buy again based on quality and reliability: 91% are likely to buy again, which is the industry best.

Partner Benefits


Rebates & Discounts Each membership level is designed to help you as a registered Lenovo Partner to improve, differentiate and grow your business. Lenovo offers rebate on your quarterly sales of Lenovo products for Silver, Gold & Platinum Partners.

TopSeller™ Volume Discounts

 Apply for special bid pricing for large opportunities.

Quarterly Reseller Sales Representative Incentives Added incentives rewards for active LPA partners.

Partner Demo Program Save 25%-50% off the list price on products used for demonstration purposes.

Partner Promotions & Offers

You can purchase special bundle deals with heavily discounted or free add-ons from your preferred Lenovo distributor.

New Customer Pricing Receive support from Lenovo and possible special pricing on sales to new customers under The Deal Registration program.

LPA Dollars Sales representatives can earn up to $180 per server & $50 per PC they sell. There are also short-term incentives where Sales Representatives can earn double or triple the dollars.

Marketing Development Funds (MDF) If you reach Gold or Platinum Business Partner status, you can apply for marketing funds through Lenovo MDF.

Annual Sales Representative Rewards In recognition for the efforts of our Channel Partners Sales Representatives, Lenovo gives the top performing LPA Members the opportunity to receive an annual prize. Each Partner Tier Level has a leaderboard tracking the best performers in that category. The top performer in each of the tiers can win additional incentives.

Business Partners Annual Incentive Trip Each year Lenovo takes the top performing business partners to an exotic location to allow them the opportunity to relax whilst engaging the Lenovo and Channel Partner Community.

Lenovo Partner Advantage (LPA)


Maximise your profits and grow your business with an industry leading reseller program offering the support and rewards to succeed with the Lenovo Partner Advantage (LPA) Program. The LPA Program offers greater rewards for your investment through rebates, special pricing, TopSeller discounts, LPA Dollars, sales support, MDF, demo products and sales representative incentives.

Earn LPA dollars on your Lenovo Visa™ card when you claim eligible sales by the 15th of each month and other partner incentives. Simply sell more to earn more. In addition to dollars, each claim for eligible models will 

earn you Status Points, the more Status Points you earn the higher you will be positioned on the leaderboard with a chance to win a spot on the Annual Incentive Trip. You can also take advantage of the Quarterly and Mid-Year incentives through selling selected focus products and closing new Acquisition deals with Lenovo.

Bid Pricing and Online Price Request Tools (OPRT) are available to help you meet customer expectations and maximise your returns as well as Partner Training and Certification that helps you identify and understand how our products meet the needs of your customers, so you can sell and earn more.

Earn LPA Dollars

Every sale of a Lenovo Topseller™ model will earn you $/box incentives on your Lenovo Partner Advantage (LPA) Visa™ Card. Platinum and Gold Business Partner sales reps will also earn $5/box on non-topseller PCG models (excl. Data Centre models & parts).

HOW TO CLAIM   Login to the Lenovo Partner Hub (LPH) and go to the Lenovo Partner Advantage (LPA) section in the ‘Programs & Training’ tab. Claims must be made by the 15th of each month and are no longer able to be submitted after the 15th of the following month from invoice date.

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